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How are you?, How's it going? (inf.), How are you doing? I am fine; I'm okay; It's going well; Not so good
Cossí va ? Va(i) plan/ben; Fasèm anar; Pas tròp plan/ben
What is your name? My name is James; I am James
Cossí te sonas/dison? Me soni/dison James; Soi James
How old are you? I am fifteen (years old).
Quin temps as? Ai quinze ans.
Where do you live? I live in Miami.
Ont demòras/vives? Demòri/vivi a Miami.
How many brothers and sisters do you have? I have two brothers and one sister.
Quantes fraires e sòrres as? Ai dos fraires e una sòrre.
What country are you from? I'm from Occitania.
De quin país venes? Veni d'Occitània.
What's your favourite colour? My favourite colour is blue.
Quina es ta color preferida? Ma color preferida es lo blau.